This Little Party Piggy

This little piggy, save, save all the way to the party!

Lets bundle up all of those traditional party decoration leftover's and create something practical and cute. For Today's Crafternoon Teatime, we are making a paper mache party piggy bank that will keep you and your little ones saving and smiling. 


Last Sunday I turned the big 3..0...! I went ballon decoration crazy for my party and may or may not still have a draw full of balloons that i didn't use. (Don't tell my husband) I'm sure i'm not alone on this though, we all have draws full of leftover decorations and catering items from parties that never got used. We have visions of using them up for following years, but when the time comes we forget about the draw and purchase our weight in napkins again...your nodding aren't you :-) ! I have come up with a clever little craft activity that not only saves your unwanted party junk, but also creates an outlet to save for your next big bash. These little piggies were really simple to put together and required lots of messy hands, which ticked all of Elsie's fun requirements. These cuties will now take pride of place on my desk where Els and I will race to see who fills their pig first. She gets loose change for being kind to her sister and helping around the house. We aim to teach her about saving so she can put it towards something she really wants, and about being patient and not always needing instant gratification. A win win i say. Personally i'm saving for Elsie's 21st party.... i think i'm going to be making a LOT of piggies!

Lets go and turn trash into cash....

Lessons Learnt:

Clean up any big spills straight away, i left my glue to set hard onto our table and cursed a little while i scrapped it off with a butter knife. Totally avoidable if you use a drop sheet and clean spills while they are wet.  


you will need-

  • A round balloon. 
  • Paper Mache glue: Plain flour and water. 
  • Sticky tape 
  • Cardboard roll 
  • Cardboard Egg Carton 
  • Drinking Straw
  • Two disposable spoons (Plastic/wooden)
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper torn into bits
  • Tissue/wrapping paper torn into bits
  • Clear PVA/craft glue to seal 
  • Craft glue to stick on eyes
  • Stanley Knife/ Sharp craft scissors


Depending on the age of your little one, you may wish to pre tape the items onto your piggy before you paper mache together.

Mix up your glue. Using plain flour and water, mix into a paste. Continue to add water to the paste until you achieve a thin consistency with all lumps disolved. 


  • Blow up your ballon to about half its full size. 


  • Cut your cardboard roll to 1 1/2 cm and attach to the ballon using sticky tape. This will be the pigs snout. 
  • Cut the handle off both spoons and attach the scoop section as ears above the snout, using sticky tape. secure from the front and behind to ensure they stand up. 

  • Cut your straw on an angle from the bottom to create a spiral tail. Attach the tail to the ballon using tape. 

  • Cut your egg carton into a clump of four and make a hole in the centre of the four sections. This will be the pig's legs and will hold the balloon steady while paper macheing.  

  • Tape the carton legs to the bottom of the balloon pig. 

  • He is now ready for covering!
  • Dip your newspaper pieces into the glue and cover the entire pig including tapped items. (except the tail) 

  • Repeat the previous step using decorative tissue or wrapping paper. 
  • Sit your pig in the sun to dry and sip cocktails. 

  • Once completely dry, give your pig a glossy finish using PVA glue or a clear coat spray paint. 
  • Glue on some Goggly eyes.
  • Make a gap for coins in the pigs back, using a Stanley knife or sharp craft scissors. 
  • Start filling him up!



Its time to put our snazzy party pigs to good use. The saving challenge has begun! We will keep you updated on our progress and celebrate Elsie's full piggy efforts with a big piñata style $$$$ tummy release when the time comes.


Happy Crafternoon Teatime xox