Swatting Paint

Paint brushes are out and household objects are in. For today's Crafternoon Teatime we are painting a textural canvas personalised with your little ones initials. Grab your fly swatters, sponges and garden hose because things are about to get messy and crazy fun! 


Hands up if your a little on the OCD side. I currently look like a cockroach lying on my back as all of my limbs are raised proudly in the air.  I wanted to let go a little and challenge myself to embrace mess, so project splatter canvas was born. Els was like a pig in mud! She spattered and sponged and wacked to her little hearts content and when the project was finished, she didn't stop. We rolled out the craft carpet (butchers paper) and my, did she strut her squishy paint toes and hands. It was giggles galore :-) We loved sharing a mindful moment and together created a masterpiece that Els can hang proudly on the wall. 

Ready to let go and get messy....

Lessons Learnt:

Old clothes people....wear old clothes.  


you will need-

  • Three paint colours 
  • Large shallow containers for paint (I used plastic takeaway ones) 
  • Contact book adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Large printed letter you wish to cut as a stencil
  • Scissors
  • House hold items (We used a new fly swatter, kitchen sponges and a loofah)
  • Small canvas to paint on (In most $2 shops)


Depending on the age of your little one, you may wish to pre cut the Letters and stick them down before you start painting together.

Mix up your paint. Choose two colours that make up your third colour, as this will stop any icky brown paintings. E.g. We mixed red and blue to make our third colour of purple and simply added white to all three colours to give them a pastel hue. 


  • Cut out your printed letter to use as a stencil.
  • Trace the outline of the letter onto the back of your contact.
  • Cut out the letter from the contact.
  • Peel and stick down onto the middle of your canvas.
  • Cut two rectangle pieces of contact and stick them down sectioning off three equal areas of the canvas starting from the bottom. *Leave the top section exposed. 


  • Using your household items, sponge, press, scrape, splat and dab the paint of one colour to fill the section. 

  • While the paint is still wet peel away the middle contact and start painting with a different colour, blending into the first section slightly. 


  • Repeat previous step for the remaining section and colour. 

  • Carefully peel away your letter and leave your canvas to dry. 



Use your extra paint to get messy. Let your little ones explore painting with their hands and feet. Sensory play that will provide extra giggles guaranteed! After all, Its just paint.... it will wash off :-)


Happy Crafternoon Teatime xox