Mindful Crafting at the Windmill

Marble FUN for EVERYONE! 

Recently we shared in a mindful moment crafting at the Windmill Bargara. Here are the cute marbled clay wall hangings and bowls we made. Today I'll show you just how easy it is to get that gorgeous marble effect and create an awesome DIY gift or personalised treasure just for you. 



On Saturday the 5th of August, parents, grandparents, friends and little one's came together  to collaborate and create. With over forty participants, everyone turned up keen for some messy fun and mindful time with their families. Ages ranged from two to sixty five and i was particularly chuffed to see a few Dad's joining in the crafty action. My father was a great creative influence to me when i was young and although he has passed on, i still cherish those moments we shared. I am now motivated by my childhood to create resources and inspiration for families to follow and create mindful relationships together, through craft and creativity. So lets get started shall we? 

This craft activity, using air dry natural coloured clay, only requires a few easy steps and requires no cooking or painting. You can make just about anything with your magical dough, but we found that the wall hanging and bowl suited all age groups.  

It's time to rock and roll our clay ....

Lessons Learnt:

Be sure to have wet wipes handy to clean your little one's hands immediately after crafting. You don't want red and blue all over the walls!

Your masterpiece will require at least a week to dry. Leave your finished piece in its mould to set firmly, before hanging or holding objects. 


you will need-

  • Three or four different shades of natural coloured air dry clay. (Our items had a total weight of 200g or 50g per colour)
  • Plastic mat or wipeable surface to create on. 
  • Rolling Pin or Jar for rolling clay. 
  • Stamps, shapes, ribbon or items for making impressions. 
  • Toothpicks or plastic knives for cutting edges.  
  • Plastic plate (wall hanging)
  • Plastic bowl (wall hanging)
  • Drinking Straw. (wall hanging)
  • String. (wall hanging)
  • Wet Wipes. 


Weigh and divide your coloured clay into small ball portions. 

Lay out all of your stamps and items for imprinting your finished product. 


  • Roll your colours into long sausages about 20cm long. It will have more of a marbled effect if your sausages are different thicknesses. 


  • Twist the sausages together. 

  • Squish your sausages into a ball shape and roll out into your desired thickness for your bowl or wall hanging. 

  • BOWL: line your plastic bowl with your pressed clay. trim the edges using a toothpick or plastic knife.
  • WALL HANGING: trim the edges of your pressed clay to create a shape you are happy with. Use a straw to push out two hanging holes. 


  • BOTH BOWL & WALL HANGING: Use letter stamps to imprint your little one's name or use shapes and ribbon to leave a beautiful mark.   

  • Once complete leave your finished bowls and hanging to dry completely (at least one week is recommended).
  • Once they are set hard, thread string though your wall hanging holes and display in your favourite spot.
  • Your bowl will be ready to hold all of your treasures for years to come. 



Use any leftover clay to create a fun sculpture! Let your kid's imagination run wild as they replicate their favourite story book character or maybe a self portrait of themselves. Stretch your clay and the fun times with this creative extension project. 


Happy Crafternoon Teatime xox