Love is in the air

Teeny woollen hearts to melt your heart 

It's the month of love and what better way to celebrate than to create the most adorable little woollen hearts. Use them on Valentines day cards or simply hang them around the house if your feeling a tad festive. The possibilities are endless!

I am using this month to mindfully promote self love within our family. We have gone around the dinner table and talked about what we love about each other and ourselves. Emotionally, physically, academically, we have covered it all. I'm aiming to teach my girls that your not up yourself if you love and appreciate who you are. I want them to grow up confident, secure and happy as the beautiful human I brought into this world. As we did our craft, we discussed all the lovely people that make up our world and why we love them so much. Gratitude is such a powerful way to practice mindfulness, and its something i'm hoping to do more regularly with Elsie. This was a really simple but calming craft that got a little messy, but nothing a little water couldn't rub off. Enjoy your time crafting with your little ones, your going to LOVE IT!


you will need-

  • Scissors
  • Coloured wool
  • Washable craft glue
  • Shallow container for glue dipping (We used a takeaway one)
  • Baking paper
  • Pencil
  • Heart stencil (We used a cookie cutter but your could cut one out using card)


If your child isn't quite ready for cutting, pre cut small strands of wool ready for pasting. You could also have the hearts drawn ready to get stuck into the gooey part. 

Have a washer or wipe handy as squishy glue between tiny fingers can get messy!


  • Using your pencil and stencil draw heart shapes onto the sheet of baking paper. 
  • Flip your sheet over ready to craft.
  • Cut lengths of your wool ready to glue.
    • Dip your pieces of wool into the glue container, remove any excess and squish into the shape of a heart using the drawn stencil as a guide. It's kind of like colouring in, only using wool. 
    • Once you have filled the space, set the shapes aside to dry hard. This can take a few days depending on how much glue you used and the weather. 
    • If your using them for a card, only let them partially dry before gluing them down to the card to dry hard. 



    Ivy really enjoyed playing with the 'pretty spaghetti' as we called it, but as she is only 21 months old, we made more of a wool collage rather than hearts. She did help with mine by passing me bits of glue and wool, which demonstrated a bit of team work. No matter what level your child is up too, there are always ways of adapting the one activity to suit their ability. 


    Happy Crafternoon Teatime xox