Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble


HALLOWEEN is creeping up on us. 

We are jumping on board the spooky theme train and creating two bubble paintings using a common household item.....straws! Today we are going to show you a fun way to paint and practice print making without lifting a paint brush. 


Whilst away on our tech free month of September, Els developed a fascination to role playwith mud pies in there garden. We would all fly around on our broom sticks to our trampoline cave where we would mix up potions in pots of flowers and grassy water. I love watching Elsie's creativity unfold through pretend play, so i thought i would build upon her interest and make some bubbly potion pictures. We also used straws to create crazy monster hair pictures just in time for the spooky season. Read on if you dare......

Lessons Learnt:

Pop down some newspaper, this one can get a little messy. But remember messy = FUN!

If your child is under 4, be mindful of using detergent in the bubble mixture. Little ones will want to suck rather than blow!

Use colours that compliment each other so that you don't have a brown mess of colour when they are mixed. 


you will need-

  • Print paper (water colour paper will work best)
  • Drinking Straws
  • Kids washable poster paint 
  • Water
  • Paint containers ( I reused takeaway containers) 
  • Spoons for mixing 
  • Black marker pen
  • Food colouring dye
  • Smock
  • Butchers paper/ recycled paper to work on. 




Mix your paint, We mixed equal parts with water to create a thin consistency. 

 Line Your workspace with Butchers paper or recycled paper before you begin. Things will get messy quickly!!!


  •  Draw a bald face using a thin black marker pen. 

  •  Line the scalp with the coloured paint, you can either graduate the colours going sideways or upwards. 

  •  Using a straw blow the paint in the direction you want the hair to go. 

  • Go as BIG and CRAZY as you like!!!


Use the left over watery paint to make Bubble Prints!

Simply add food colouring (to match the paint colour) and a dash of liquid dishwashing detergent, to create the bubbles. If your child is under four years of age i recommend you blow the bubbles for them as most toddlers have a suck reflex when it comes to using straws.

  • Use a straw to blow the liquid paint and create a mountain of bubbles. 

  • Once the bubbles are overflowing, place a piece of paper over the container.
  • Remove and admire your gorgeous bubble prints. 

  • Layer colours to create a wonderful rainbow creation. hang to dry. 

Happy Crafternoon Teatime xox