Back to School Beading

Back to school beaded keyring. 

Little backpacks, tiny lunches and matching socks (at least for now), new stationary smell and excited kids ready to jump into a fresh year of learning and play! Today we are showing you how to make a snazzy and personal beaded keyring to brighten up even the dullest of school items. 

Els really wanted to make a tag for her new Kindy bag as it didn't have a spot to write her name. You could however use them on pencil cases, lunch boxes or anything really. The aim with this activity was to challenge her fine motor skills and give her freedom of choice. In my experience four year olds really like to think they are 24 and can make their own choices on everything....EVERYTHING!!! Selecting and threading beads is a great activity that satisfies thier desire to choose in a creative but controlled activity. A win win I say! 



you will need-

  • Wooden coloured beads
  • String or threading line for beading 
  • A keyring metal connector with wooden circle (from $2 shop)
  • Black fine tip permanent marker 
  • Letter stamps
  • Black stamp ink pad


    If you cannot find a wooden circle keyring, try using a popsicle stick or thin wood. I would advise an adult to do the hole punching with a sharp punch or knife. BE CAREFUL!

    You may need to tie off the end of the string, anchoring through the first bead for strength, before handing over to your little little ones. 

    TIP- sorting the beads into colours first can be a great activity before you start threading. 


    • Cut a piece of string roughly 20cm (its best to go longer than shorter)
    • Tie a knot at the end of the string anchoring through the first bead. 
    • Thread away using any colours or patterns you wish, to your desired length. 
    • You can use multiple short stands or fold a longer strand of beads back to make a loop and tie off at the first bead you threaded. 
      • Put beads aside.
      • Using the marker pen have your little one write their name on the wooden key chain. Use the opportunity to practice their name on a bit of paper first if they are keen. 
      • Alternatively, stamp their name using tiny letter stamps and black ink.  
      • Thread or tie the beads to the keychain and voila! A simple craft project to get tiny hands creating and little ones extra excited to start the new year.  


      I always like to include my 21 month old Ivy into our craft but she was a bit too young for this one, as she doesn't show any interest in threading yet. Luckily she doesn't put small objects into her mouth anymore so she was still able to play with the same materials as us. 

      I dragged out a muffin tin and scattered the beads amongst the spaces. Ivy was easily occupied with sorting the beads back and forth across the pan, while Elsie and I happily threaded away.

      It was also a great opportunity to have a conversation about colours. We listed all the objects we could see around the house that shared the same colour as the beads and Els even pointed out new colours like burgundy and turquoise that she had never noticed before. Sparking curiosity in a child really is the best feeling, we hope you enjoy making this craft as much as we did!


      Happy Crafternoon Teatime xox