Ahoy Sailer.

We are having a splashing good time with a playful activity for Crafternoon Teatime this week. These cork sailing boats are made from only five materials and require no gluing or drying time. Make and play straight away!


Bath time has been a bit of a struggle in our house lately. Its winter, it's cold and Els doesn't want to get wet! I on the other hand would love a bath with bubbles and sailing boats everyday... please? After a week of the sickness cloud hanging over our house, i wanted to bring fun back into our daily routine and i may have hit the jackpot with this craft activity! It took us five minutes to complete, leaving us with more playing time before Ivy woke from her afternoon nap. Bath time was easy and i actually had to drag her out of there for once. (I may have created a new issue though, now bath time is too fun!) But no more nightly tantrums for now. My children will be clean and happy, leaving me with extra energy to squeeze in more mindful moments with the family. 

Ready to be a big kid again....

Lessons Learnt:

If you're worried about your little one being spiked by the tooth picks, cut the sharp pointy end off after making the flag or add a pom pom on top instead. genius!

Please supervise your children at all times while using their new fav toy boats. I know your clever cookies that watch your kids in the bath anyhoo, but it just had to be said. Extra points for joining in....play and make their day.   


you will need-

  • 3 corks per boat
  • coloured craft foam sheets
  • tooth picks 
  • pattern washi tape for the flag
  • Two large rubber bands per boat or multiple bands if using a smaller size. 
  • Scissors
  • *Coloured Pom poms (tape flag alternative)


Depending on the age of your little one, you may wish to pre cut the foam before you start crafting together.

*The foam should be the width of your cork and slightly higher than a toothpick. 


  • Push a toothpick into the centre of the cork, only as far as it needs to go to be secure.
  • Thread your cut piece of craft foam onto the toothpick at both ends.
  • Top with a wrapped piece of wash tape cut into a flag or coloured pom pom. 

  • Add a cork either side of your first and wrap together with two thick rubber bands or multiple on each side for strength. These are thin hair elastics we had at home, so we used around six per side. They worked well. 


We played straight away with our boats, making whirl pools and having make believe races in a small glass bowl. The real fun came at bath time when the boats set sail into the high seas. If you only have a shower, just add a plastic bowl and they will never want shower play to end.


Happy Crafternoon Teatime xox