A Spring Fling in the Garden

Planting fun for everyone!

Today is the perfect day for planting seeds in the garden. We are sewing Sunflower seeds! Because it will take a little water, sunshine and time for them to grow we will need something to mark where we planted the seeds in the ground. Join us as we make these fun spoon flowers that will watch over your seedlings until your sunflowers tower into the sky! 


 Els has been loving the rain lately, especially as it softens the ground and makes the dirt perfect for mud pie play! We have planted lots of new colour in our garden too, but I was keen to start from scratch and show  her how plants grow from a seed. Because Els is only 3 years old, her patience is not the best so i came up with a plan. If i mark the spot with a craft flower, perhaps it will be a focal point for Els to water and nurture while her seed begins to sprout. We only planted our seeds today, so i'll keep you posted on the outcome, but she really loved making her spoon flower family and it opened up lots of great conversation about how things grow. I hope you and your little ones enjoy this opportunity to get out into the garden during spring time together while flexing your creative muscles. 

Lets go get grubby!!!!!  



you will need-

  • Seeds to plant 
  • Coloured pattern washi tape in two different styles.
  • Wooden spoon 
  • Scissors
  • Google eyes 
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • string for decorating (optional)


Pre cutting the tape is a big help for small children, as kids get easily impatient


  • Cover the front of the spoon with strips of tape layered like a star from the centre.


  • make sure all areas are covered so you have a round like shape.

  • Turn the spoon over and repeat the process on the back. 

  • Cut a clean circle around the tape to cut off excess sticky overhang.

    • Cut any shape petals your like. 


    • Cut your double-sided tape to size and place on the back of both eyes. stick them down onto your spoon to make a face. 

    • Cut a mouth shape out of a different coloured tape and attach to the face. 

    • There you have it, one cute little flower ready to pop into the ground. Don't stop there, why not make a family!!!!




    Use leftovers to crate a family of dolls for inside play too. Els didn't want the fun to end, so when we finished our garden flowers she decided to make a spoon family... adorable!


    Happy Crafternoon Teatime xox